Cimbalom music

Cimbalom performer

Daniel Skála is one of the leading professional cimbalom performers and was awarded several prizes at various international music competitions.
He mainly focuses on art music of the Baroque period and especially on contemporary music.
During concerts and public performances he also presents his own music compositions.
He performs solo, in various chambre formations and co-operates with leading Czech and international orchestras.

Music composer

The most notable music compositions written by Daniel Skala include Concerto for cimbalom and chambre orchestra, composition for mixed choir, strings, cimbalom and reciter entitled „Tales from the animal world or Arrogant elephant“ based on the text by A. Krylov, Miniatures for cimbalom and clarinet or cimbalom duet called „Cimbalom disputes“. Among compositions for cimbalom solo should be mentioned for instance Concert variations or a miniature series entitled „Greetings from Ostrava“.



Daniel Skála is a graduate of the Music Department of the University of Ostrava with a degree in Choral Conducting.
As a choirmaster and a conductor he mainly presents his own compositions. He occasionally co-operates with chamber orchestras and choirs in the Czech Republic.



Daniel Skála teaches the Cimbalom Playing course at Janáčkova konzervatoř a Gymnázium v Ostravě (Janáček Conservatory and Lyceum in Ostrava)
His main objective consists in presenting cimbalom mainly as a concert instrument for art music and introducing a Cimbalom Playing curriculum at the university level in the Czech Republic.


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