Cimbalom music


Daniel Skála  Daniel Skála is from Ostrava in Czech Republic. He studied play on dulcimer on Ferenc Liszt Academy in Budapest, University of Ostrava – subject choirmaster and Conservatoire of Ostrava where he studied music composition. In 2013 he finished Ph.D on University of Ostrava in field of Music Theory and Pedagogy. Since 2008 he teach cimbalom on Janáček´s conservatory of music in Ostrava.

From his many competition achievements above all we can name participation on the international interpretive competitions in 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2003 in Valašské Meziříčí where he always acquired first place in his category. Besides he got honorary and special appreciation “for natural transcription of Chromatic Fantasy by J. S. Bach” (1999) “for the most suggestive interpretative exhibition” (2001) and “for the best interpretation of contemporary composition” (2003). In the international interpretative competition “Eurotalent 2000” in Banská Bystrica he acquired prestigious third place.

He obtained price of “Forum of the young” on the prestigious festival “Young stage” in Karlovy Vary on 2004. He graduated master courses in Jászapáti in Hungary under leading of Ilona Szeverényi and in Courses of old music in Valtice under leading of excellent cembalist Helmut Franke.

He makes concerts in the Czech Republic regularly. He also made concerts abroad for example in Germany, France, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovakia, Belarus, Poland, Holland, South Korea etc. He cooperative with major Czech and European orchestras (for example National Radio Philharmony of Poland Katowice, National Philharmony of Poland Warsaw, Asko/Schönberg ensemble Amsterdam, Orchestra of Theatro de la Fenice Venice, Janáček Philharmony Ostrava, Chamber Orchestra of Janáček Philharmony, Ostrava Band, Talich Chamber Bow Orchestra…).

From his compositions we can enumerate for example Concert for cimbalom and chamber orchestra, composition for choir, bows, cimbalom and recitation “Animal stories or promoted elephant” on the text by A. Krylov, Miniatures for cimbalom and clarinet, duet for two cimbaloms “Cimbalom disputes”, from the solo pieces for cimbalom Concert variations, or “Greetings from Ostrava”.
Daniel Skála presents cimbalom as the concert instrument in artificial music and he struggles for opening of teaching cimbalom on academy of music in Czech Republic.

Daniel Skala currently acts as the head of the music section of the Folk Songs and Dances Ensemble entitled „Hlubina“ for whom he designed a feature project „Oj, pleťmy taněc“ („Hey, let’s knit a dance“). Furthermore, he co-operates with the folk cimbalom ensemble „Vojtek“ focusing on an authentic interpretation of the songs and dances from the cultural region of Mountainous Lachia.

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